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Do you want to cut your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint?

No problem… generate your own electricity by installing PV solar panels to convert the Spanish sunshine into free solar power.

See a rapid return on your investment, reduced electricity bills, lower carbon footprint, and if you generate more power than you use, you can sell any surplus power back to the national grid.

It’s a quick and simple solar installation process carried out by specialist engineers. 

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    How you can benefit from solar panel installation in Spain

    Adopting renewable energy is a key component in becoming more sustainable. By reducing carbon emissions, you will be helping to save the planet and will benefit from significant savings on the cost of your electricity. You’ll see a rapid return on your investment, in both the cost savings and added value to your property (net zero property sells at a higher price and faster). 

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    Rapid return on investment

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    Significant electricity cost savings

    Increase property value - net zero homes attract a price-premium

    Generate lower carbon emissions

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    Work towards grid independence

    We install solar panels throughout Spain on all types of residential (and commercial) buildings
    helping customers and the planet to become more sustainable. 

    Need financing? Get a
    government grant to go green

    As part of the Spanish government’s commitment to reach net zero target, home owners are encouraged to adopt solar energy by offering financial incentives including rebates, grants and tax exemptions, depending upon the region.

    Get in touch to find out more about government funding schemes. 

    How solar panels work

    Solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems generate clean electrical power by converting the solar radiation into direct current (DC). Each panel is made from tiny photovoltaic cells created from semiconducting material which are connected together so that when the sun shines on the cells it creates an electric field. The direct current is converted into an alternating current (AC), this green energy is compatible with the national grid and can be used to power homes and businesses.

    Types of solar panels

    There are three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film PV panels, the type used on your rood would depend upon your budget and specific energy needs. 

    Do I need solar batteries?

    You can choose whether you want to include solar batteries which allow you to store the solar energy produced during the day time, so that it can be used at night (when there is no sunshine providing power). Stand alone solar panel systems are not connected to the national grid. 

    About Tutum Solar

    Tutum Solar is a subsidiary of Tutum Energy, we are leaders in smart renewable energy technology. We use the world-class engineers and with our focus firmly on green energy innovations, we provide smart energy products and solutions that power lives, cut carbon emissions and save money. 

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